Tech Tools

  • Digital Storytelling with Stop Motion Webinar

    A photograph. A document. A song. An experience. Each of these can serve as a pathway to learning about the past through the clearest lens possible, a student’s own eyes. But, how can you provide your students with the opportunities to personalize someone else’s story through their own personal interpretation? By employing digital storytelling tools including stop motion, amongst others, we are teaching students research, interpretation, creativity, thinking, writing, and collaboration skills as they form a personal connection. Let’s have a dialogue about ways that Hollywood and pop culture allow us to personalize other people’s stories creatively in everyday life and relate how this translate to powerful activities in any classroom to both honor original stories while empowering students!

    Grades: 13+
  • PBS LearningMedia 101 Webinar

    Expand your digital toolkit and discover how PBS LearningMedia and its collection of over 120K standards-aligned resources can be integrated into meaningful learning experiences for your students. During the session, resources for a range of grades and subject areas will be showcased. You will explore how to search for and filter the most relevant content for your classroom and save your favorite resources to share with students and colleagues.

    Grades: 13+