TED Talks on PBS

TED Talks is a three part PBS series of one-hour television specials recorded at the Town Hall Theater in New York and features TED Talks from some of the world’s greatest thinkers and doers. The programs also feature performances and short independent films. Hosted by author and comedian Baratunde Thurston, each program highlights speakers and films that focus on a different theme:

  • TED Talks: Education Revolution focuses on how education is adapting to our new digital world, examining what the classroom might look like in the future and the impact of online teaching, with talks from innovators in the field of education.

  • TED Talks: Science and Wonder asks, “How do we make sense of the universe around us?” as some of the brightest scientific and artistic minds take us on a journey to answer the riddles of the universe that keep scientists awake at night.

  • TED Talks: War and Peace features those who have experienced every aspect of war—fighters, journalists, psychologists, doctors, and peacemakers—for a look at the impact of war on our world.

The Engagement Guide offers suggestions on how to use TED Talks on PBS content to inspire deeper conversations and engagement in the classroom and your community. Bring people together to watch and discuss innovative ideas that are changing our world.

For complete episodes and more TED Talks, visit pbs.org/tedtalks.