The Comedies: As You Like It and Twelfth Night

  • Loss in Shakespeare

    Using this media collection, students explore the theme of loss within Shakespeare's plays, particularly focusing on Hamlet, Twelfth Night, and Richard II. Whether it is loss of a loved one, loss of power, or loss of identity, students examine how Shakespeare’s characters cope with loss. Students also question whether or not Shakespeare’s own life (and loss) influenced his writing.

    Grades: 8-12
  • The Globe Theatre

    This media collection from Shakespeare Uncovered explores the origins, unique characteristics and challenges presented by the 17th century Globe Theatre. Students will take a glimpse into the world of Elizabethan theater by watching actors perform scenes from Shakespeare’s plays on the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe, a modern-day replica of the Globe Theatre located one hundred feet from the original. The videos will show how the Globe Theatre, with its rounded structure and open-air space, was perfectly made for Shakespeare’s style of storytelling and highly spirited Elizabethan audiences.

    Grades: 8-12
  • In Shakespeare’s Time

    This series of videos from Shakespeare Uncovered presents the practices and beliefs held by the Elizabethans during Shakespeare’s time. The gallery explores the ideas and attitudes of both average people and monarchs regarding witchcraft and specifically addresses Queen Elizabeth’s response to attacks on the throne. Two videos delve into the serious beliefs surrounding suicide and ghosts. This gallery also explores Shakespeare’s sources for historical research, the topic of boys and men playing female roles, the role of theater in London, and the idea that Shakespearian Theater was akin to big box office theater today.

    Grades: 8-12
  • Women, Identity and Disguise in Shakespeare’s Comedies

    In this media gallery, you will find a series of videos from Shakespeare Uncovered that offer insight into how Shakespeare represented women in Twelfth Night and As You Like It, and how he played with identity and disguise for comedic effect. As you view the videos and complete the activities, think about the role of women in the plays and consider how they are both empowered and restricted.

    Grades: 8-12
  • The Role of Women in As You Like It | Shakespeare Uncovered

    In this lesson from Shakespeare Uncovered, students will explore the role of women in William Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It. (This lesson is best used during a reading of the play.)

    Grades: 9-13+
  • Merely Players | Shakespeare Uncovered

    In this lesson, students will view and discuss several video segments from Shakespeare Uncovered to explore one of the playwright's signature dramatic elements, the use of role-playing and disguise. (This lesson has been designed as a prereading activity for a unit on one of Shakespeare's comedies or on Henry IV, Part I. It can also be used as a stand-alone lesson allowing students to explore Shakespeare's art and craft.)

    Grades: 9-13+