Thomas & Friends

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Thomas & Friends has sparked the imagination of young children for generations. The series is based on the much-loved books by Reverend W. Awdry. Thomas’ world is a place with a strong community spirit, typified by a universal willingness to embrace good manners and hard work, and a desire to be “really useful."

The learning goals of Thomas & Friends are related to social and emotional interactions, self-efficacy and problem solving. They include:

1) To exemplify the principle of treating others with kindness and respect.
2) To demonstrate the importance of listening carefully and following instructions.
3) To explore the impact of teamwork and cooperation.
4) To emphasize the power of persistence and to demonstrate how to cope with failure.
5) To help students understand responsibility and examine possible consequences to various actions.

Teachers can use these video segments and learning materials to foster social and emotional growth in Pre-K students. The Thomas & Friends collection also includes learning materials for teachers who work with students on the autism spectrum, from Pre-K through third grade.