• Valentine's Day | All About the Holidays

    No one knows for sure who St. Valentine was, but we still honor him with a holiday. Listen to one legend about who he was, and discover more about this celebration of love.

    Grades: 2-6
  • Daniel and Dad - The Adventure Tigers | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Help kids exercise their imaginations with Daniel Tiger. Daniel imagines that he and Dad are adventure tigers together in the jungle.

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Find a Way to Play Together (Castle): Strategy Song and Activity | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Daniel Tiger and his friends like to play, but sometimes friends want to play about two different themes.  With this Strategy Song, the friends are encouraged to work on a compromise so they can play together. 

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Dinosaur Train | Friendship

    In this Dinosaur Train clip, Buddy's friend Annie Tyrannosaurus comes over to the Pteranadon nest to play. However, Tiny feels left out when Buddy and Annie want to play T-Rex games. This resource teaches students the importance of playing games in which everyone is included.

    Grades: PreK-1
  • A Friend Just Wants to Play With You (Prince Wednesday) | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday sing a song about when friends come over to play -- it doesn't matter what you do together, a friend is someone who wants to play with you. This song celebrates friendship, and that being together is what matters most.   

    Grades: PreK-K
  • I Love My Family

    This video segment from Between the Lions is a live action segment filmed in Bethel and Anchorage, Alaska. It features real children talking about activities they love to do with family members. All text is on screen and the word “love” is highlighted in each sentence. Featured words include: love, mom, berry picking, grandmother, sister, family, play, reading, and walk. This video segment provides a resource for Fluency, Vocabulary, and Language and Vocabulary Development.

    Grades: PreK-1
  • Family Time | Everyday Learning

    Families come in different shapes and sizes. This video explores different types of families and how no matter what your family looks like it’s special.

    Grades: PreK-1