Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts joins the adventures of Chris and Martin Kratt as they encounter incredible wild animals, combining science education with fun and adventure as the duo travels to animal habitats around the globe. Each adventure explores an age-appropriate science concept central to an animal's life and showcases a rarely seen wildlife moment, all wrapped up in engaging stories of adventure, mystery, rescue, and the Kratt brothers' brand of laugh-out-loud-comedy that kids love.

The educational goals of Wild Kratts are to:

1) Teach six to eight-year-old viewers natural history and age-appropriate science by building on their natural interest in animals.

2) Develop and strengthen basic skills of observation and investigation that children will use increasingly as they continue their study of science.

3) Build excitement in science that will remain with them throughout their lives.

  • Worm Alert!

    Come along with Chris and Martin as they see firsthand the deadly powers of the sun on a worm. The Kratt brothers discover that the sun causes the slime on the worm to dry up, making the worm lose water. Viewers watch as the brothers troubleshoot a way to save Pinky!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Worm Slime!

    Learn all about the characteristics of worms and what makes up their slimy structure! Viewers learn that worms have tiny hairs, a head with no eyes or ears, are covered in slime, and can have over 100 segments!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Snake Super Sense!

    Join Chris and Martin as they explore the ability of the Diamondback rattlesnake to detect its prey by seeing their body heat! Viewers learn that the Diamondback uses its pit organs as heat-detectors to find their warm-blooded prey!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Platypus Super Sense Discovered!

    Come along with Chris and Martin as they attempt to figure out the special sense of the platypus! The brothers determine that platypuses do not use their eyes, ears, or noses when searching in the water and instead use some other special sense!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Creature Features

    Join Chris and Martin as they explore some of the unique body features of animals that live both on land and in water. Viewers learn about the importance of flippers to the walrus, the manatee, and the seal!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Mommy Rescue: Polar Bear and Walrus

    Watch as the strengths of the polar bear and the walrus are put to the test when they fear that each of their cubs are in danger. When the polar bear and walrus are on the ice, the polar bear is able to dominate, but the tables are turned when they fall off of the ice into the water and the walrus can use its strengths!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Animals on Land and in the Water

    Explore some of the unique characteristics of the polar bear and of the walrus that help them to be successful on land and in the water. Viewers learn that polar bears have long legs and claws to handle the terrain, as well as a strong sense of smell that can track a smell up to three kilometers away. They also learn that the walrus uses the power from its back flipper to propel through the water and its side flippers to steer through the water.

    Grades: 1-3
  • Greatest Creature Builder - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this video to teach children how beavers build dams that transform the landscapes around them. Chris and Martin meet one of nature's master builders, the Beaver.

    Utiliza este vídeo par enseñar a niños cómo los castores construyen represas que transforman su alrededor. Chris y Martin miran a el constructor de la naturaleza, el castor.

    Grades: 1-3
  • Beaver Lodge - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this game resource to teach children how beavers build a cozy home for their family. Chris and Martin stumble into the cozy home of a family of beavers.

    Utiliza este juego par enseñar a niños cómo los castores construyen un hogar para sus familias. Chris y Martin tropiezan en la casa de una familia de castores. 

    Grades: 1-3
  • Building a Beaver Pond

    Explore the building power of beavers and the large impact they can have on the environment when they build a dam! Viewers see an example of a pond that formed as a result of a dam in a river and learn about the habitat created for many animals as a result of the pond!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Migrating Monarchs

    Learn about the way that Monarch butterflies prepare to cross big bodies of water during their journey south for the winter, as well as ways that you can help them! Chris and Martin teach viewers that before crossing a big lake, the Monarchs sleep in the trees surrounding the lake to rest their bodies, eat nectar to fuel up, and check the wind to see if it will help them to fly south! Viewers also learn that they can help Monarch butterflies by planting butterfly gardens in their backyard, giving them a place to fuel up during their journey, as well as tagging the butterflies so that scientists can track their journey!

    Grades: 1-3
  • On the Road

    Come along with Chris and Martin as they encounter some of the challenges of a butterfly's journey south for the winter, including predators and the need for lots of energy. Viewers learn that butterflies use a zig-zagged flight pattern defense to keep away from predators like the Tree Swallow. They also learn that the butterflies must take breaks to refuel and use a special tube-like part of their body — the proboscis — to suck up nectar from flowers.

    Grades: 1-3
  • Adding up Animal Habitats - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    This activity will help children learn about local animals and their habitats, collect and analyze data and build addition and subtraction skills. They will learn about local animals and their habitats while practicing basic math skills.

    Esta actividad ayudará a niños a aprender sobre los animales locales y sus hábitats, recabar y analizar datos y desarrollar destrezas para la suma y la resta. Ellos aprendan cosas acerca de los animales locales y sus hábitats practicando las habilidades básicas para las matemáticas.

    Grades: 1-3,13+
  • Bird Feeder Fractions - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    This activity will help children identify local birds and what they eat and build measurement and fraction skills. Have fun feeding your neighborhood birds while boosting children’s measurement skills and introducing fractions.

    Esta actividad ayudará a niños a identificar las aves locales y lo que comen, desarrollar habilidades de medición y para hacer fracciones. Diviértanse alimentando a los pájaros de su vecindario a la vez que mejoran las habilidades para medir de niños y le dan a conocer las fracciones.

    Grades: 1-3,13+
  • Temperature Scavenger Hunt - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    This activity will help your students learn to read a thermometer and compare temperatures using basic math skills. Discover the many ways temperature can be measured inside and outside. 

    Esta actividad le ayudará a su hijo a aprender a leer un termómetro y comparar temperaturas usando habilidades básicas de las matemáticas. Descubran las múltiples maneras de medir la temperatura dentro y fuera de casa.

    Grades: 1-3,13+
  • Aardvark Town - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    This game from Wild Kratts will help children with finding locations on a map by reading grid coordinates. They can use their mapping skills to find just the right habitat for different animals in the African savannah. Then children use their Aardvark digging power to help the Kratt brothers dig underground homes for the animals.

    Este juego de Wild Kratt ayudará a niños a encontrar lugares en un mapa leyendo las coordenadas de la cuadrícula. Usan sus habilidades para servirles de un mapa y encuentran el hábitat adecuado para los diferentes animales de la sabana africana. Luego utilizan sus poderes de excavación de Aardvark para ayudar a los hermanos Kratt a cavar hogares subterráneos para los animales.

    Grades: 1-3
  • Creature Math - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    This app cannot be used in a desktop browser. / Esta app no se puede utilizar en un navegador de escritorio. 

    This app from Wild Kratts will help children with solving problems with addition, subtraction, and multiplication. They will practice addition and subtraction as they create their very own animal habitat filled with cool creature pals. Don't forget to watch out for Gourmand, the villainous chef. Get your pals to chase him away!

    Este app de Wild Kratts ayudará a niños a solucionar problemas de sumas, restas y multiplicaciones. Practican la suma y la resta mientras crean sus propios hábitats de animales repletos de simpáticos animalitos amigos. No se olviden de estar atentos a Gourmand, el villano chef. ¡Hagan que sus amiguitos lo ahuyenten!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Croc Hatch! - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    This game from Wild Kratts will help students with reading a thermometer. Crocodile eggs hatch as boy crocodiles or girl crocodiles based on the temperature of the eggs in the nest! Estimate the correct egg temperatures and your students can figure out which ones will hatch as girls or as boys.

    Este juego de Wild Kratts ayudará a niños a lectura de un termómetro. Los huevos de cocodrilo pueden volverse cocodrilos niños o niñas dependiendo de la temperatura que los huevos tengan en el nido. Averigua cuáles huevos se convierten en niños o niñas estimando su temperatura correcta.

    Grades: 1-3
  • Web-tastic! - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    This game from Wild Kratts will help children with recognizing and creating 2D shapes. They can power up their Spider Creature Power Suit for this game! Encourage them to use their web-spinning powers to "draw" a series of different web shapes. Just remind them to watch out for the stinging wasps and sticky strands!

    Este juego de Wild Kratts ayudará a niños a reconocer y crear formas bidimensionales. ¡Ponte tu traje de Súper Spider Creature para este juego! Usa tus poderes de web-spinning para "dibujar" figuras diferentes. Pero, ¡cuidado con las picaduras de las avispas y las hebras pegajosas!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Wild Kratts: Animals and their Habitats - Activity Plan | PBS KIDS Summer Adventure!

    Oh no! The evil inventor Zach Varmitech has captured five baby animals and hidden them away in the forest! During this adventure, children will help find the animals, and use their math skills (addition, subtraction, measurement, fractions, mapping, and sorting) to set them free. Children will also learn about habitats and apply their knowledge to create a habitat for one of the rescued animals. Each section of the Creature Roundup adventure is introduced by a video clip or online game that encourages children to explore math concepts and skills related to numbers and operations, spatial sense, and measurement and data.

    Grades: 1-3,13+