Religions of the World | Photo Collection

The Religions of the World Photo Collection contains striking photographs individually selected from the Getty Images for use by PBS LearningMedia's Teachers and Students. It includes lesson guides that may be used by educators to supplement coverage of world religions for grades 6-8 and grades 9-12. The images within the collection are categorized by each religion and focus on beginnings, historical development, sacred writings, beliefs, practices, contemporary issues, arts, and the impact the religion has had on history and culture. Students will be better able to understand religion within the context of world history.

Click any one of the subtopics to access 100's of beautiful images specifically relevant to the NCSS Standards for Study of Religion in the Social Studies Curriculum of Schools. These images may be used by students for comparative analysis of eight of the world's main religions and to help them better understand their role within a diverse world as well as build respect and mutual understanding amongst diverse cultures.

Don't miss the section of customized Teacher's Guides in this collection, which will guide you through each collection.