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        Gross Science | Cockroach Cyborgs

        Media Credits:

        Third party materials: Dale M. Norris, Alpert Bozkurt, Backyard Brains, Flickr/anneheathen, Flickr/Wahiawaboy.


        NOVA: Gross Science

        Visit Gross Science's YouTube page here.

        Project Funded By:

        Funder: PBS-grayscale

        Project Credits:

        Production Credits

        Project Management

        Denise Blumenthal

        Christine Dietlin

        Louise Dube

        Resource Production Team

        Danielle Bryant

        Irena Fayngold

        Anna Fort

        Dov Frede

        Jon Goldberg

        Cora Goldston

        Glenn Johnson

        Emily Lu

        Barbara Seidl

        Catherine Zaker

        Business Management

        Maria Constantinides

        Kim McGrath

        Sue Tufts

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