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        Visualizing Topography

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        ©2006 WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved. Adapted from Visualizing Topography by Stephen J. Reynolds, Julia K. Johnson, Carla McAulliff, and Michael Piburn.


        Stephen J. Reynolds, Arizona State University

        This media asset was adapted from Visualizing Topography by Stephen J. Reynolds, Julia K. Johnson, Carla McAulliff, and Michael Piburn.

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        Funder: National Science Foundation-2-grayscale

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        The Teachers' Domain Earth and Space Science Collection is a collaboration between WGBH Educational Foundation (WGBH Educational Productions, the WGBH Media Library, and WGBH Interactive) and University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), Digital Library for Earth System Education Program Center (DLESE Program Center). Major funding for this project is provided by the National Science Foundation. Teachers' Domain is a Pathways project of the National Science Digital Library.

        This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0226184. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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        ZOOM and the ZOOMwords and related indicia are trademarks of the WGBH Educational Foundation. Used with permission.

        Special thanks to AFTRA and AF of M for granting permission to use segments produced with participation of their members.

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