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        How to be an Ally

        Media Credits:

        WNET New York Public Media


        First Person

        Project Credits:

        The LGBTQ+ Identity: A Toolkit for Teachers Collection is made possible by the NYC Department of Education with financial support from New York City Council.


        Project Management

        Christopher Czajka

        Mary Kennedy

        Resource Production Team

        Mary Kennedy

        KJ Vanderiet

        New York City Department of Education

        Speical thanks to Jared Fox, LGBTQ Community Liaison

        Project & Curriculum Advisors

        Larry Fogarty

        Melissa Goodrum

        Michele Luc

        Devin Madden

        sj Miller

        Jolan Nagi

        Juan Rosales

        Monica Rowley

        Joe Schmidt

        Jordan Silverman

        Leesah Velasquez

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