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        CAP Shortage Priorities

        Media Credits:

        Beyond the Mirage

        Project Credits:

        A film by: Cody Sheehy

        Writers and Researchers: Cody Sheehy, Susann Eden, Kerry Swartz, Ashley Hulinger, Brittany Xiu, Grant McCormick

        Additional Videography: Alan Davis

        Additional Editing: Matt Decker

        Post Production Coordinators: Matt Decker, Angel Marquez

        Graphic Design: Cody Sheehy, Craig Boesewetter, Kim Daly

        Associate Producers: Alan Davis, Matt Decker, Jatta Sheehy

        Production Assistants: Monique Garcia and Claire Rifkin

        Website Development: JD Gibbs, Craig Boesewetter, Kim Daly, Toby Torrey



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