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        Three-Dimensional Printing


        Learning Math: Geometry, "Three Dimensional Printing"


        See this activity on Annenberg Learner's professional development course for teachers.

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        Li Wei

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        Julia Anderson

        Carolyn Jacobs

        Denise Olson


        Nike Okediji

        Kate Van Sleet

        Robyn Bissette

        Koinonia Givens

        Activity Developers

        Burt Granofsky

        Marlene Kliman

        Ruta Puskorius

        Project Advisors

        Mark Driscoll

        Fred Gross

        Erick Perez

        Erica Walker

        Dewi Win

        Copy Editor

        Cynthia Bond

        Video Closed Captioning

        Media Access Group

        Resource Credits

        Boston Arts Academy

        Boston Latin Academy

        Lenni Armstrong, Informmotion

        Brit Cruise

        Christina L. Duke

        Riana Good

        Violeta M. Ivanova, MIT ARTEMiS

        Cindy Lawrence, National Museum of Mathematics

        Akshata Kadagathur

        Ben Levitt, National Museum of Mathematics

        Dan Meyer

        Sean Moran

        Chautauqua Ordway

        Maura Tighe

        Chimdi Uchendu


        Brian Vilnegre

        Ineliz Campos

        Isaiah Defina

        Issel Solano-Sanchez

        Jazmyne Burgess

        Kelia Fernandes

        Lamonte Bond

        Mariaima Coker-Kalion

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        Shantelle C Villegas

        Yohanna Perez

        Zach Kriegel

        Bryan Vava


        Reilly Aguiar

        Danielle Bryant

        Reka Keller

        Sheila Lara

        Innovation Math Challenge Winners

        Jared Cosulich

        Kat Lee

        Zach Wissner-Gross

        Connie Demillo

        David Ng

        Jen and Martin Schneider

        Lisa Cutchin

        Andrew Przybylski

        Clara and Boyd Boland



        Innovation Fund Teachers

        Ann Gaffney

        David Atwood

        Diane Kruse

        Jodi Kerble

        Linda Sheffield

        Melissa Wagner

        Michael Long

        Padmanabhan Seshaiyer

        Shree Bose

        Stephanie Webster


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