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        The Walmart Middle School Literacy Initiative: Inspiring Middle School Literacy is contributed by the WGBH Educational Foundation. It is a collaboration of WGBH Education, the WGBH Media Library and Archives, and WGBH Digital. Funding for the Walmart Middle School Literacy Initiative on Teachers’ Domain is provided by the Walmart Foundation. Early funding for Inspiring Middle School Literacy was provided by the Leon Lowenstein Foundation.

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        Image Credits on the Special Collection Page

        In clockwise order, from top left, then center photos

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        Astronaut underwater EVA training (on top): source: NASA

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        Man with oxen pulling cart (on left): ©2008 Jupiterimages Corporation

        Students reading (center): ©Monkey Business -

        Snake (below center): ©2008 Jupiterimages Corporation

        Special thanks to AFTRA and AF of M for granting permission to use segments produced with participation of their members.

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