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        Scale City | Scaling Up Rectangles in the Real World

        Project Funded By:

        Funder: Corporation for Public Broadcasting - CPB | 2017

        Project Credits:

        The resources in this project are contributed by Kentucky Educational Television in collaboration with WGBH Educational Foundation. Math at the Core: Middle School is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

        ©2014 KET All Rights Reserved.

        Project Management

        Mary Duncan

        Resource Production Team

        Mary Duncan
        Allison NeCamp Day
        Paul Petrey
        Esther Tattershall

        Business Management

        Susan Kanis
        Kristin Luoma

        Marketing and Outreach

        Mary Duncan
        Allison NeCamp Day
        Missy Upton
        Justin Stewart
        Job Canfield

        Activity Developers

        Mary Henson
        Mary Duncan
        Allison NeCamp Day
        Amber Hall
        Brian Vincent

        Project Advisors

        Mark Driscoll
        Fred Gross
        Erick Perez
        Erica Walker
        Linda Sheffield


        Ann Bartosh, Mathematics Education Consultant
        Alice Gabbard, Kentucky Center for Mathematics
        Krista Hall, Kentucky Department of Education
        Tyler Jones, Jefferson County Public Schools
        Audrey West, Fayette County Public Schools
        Allison White, Fayette County Public Schools

        Resource Credits

        Clark Bradshaw, Animator
        Allison NeCamp Day, Animator
        Katherine Duncan, Animation Narrator
        Beau Janzen, Animator
        Charles Lister, Animator
        Geoffrey Love, Animator
        Harry Nguyen, Animator
        Tyler Nicolson, Animator
        Sara O’Keefe, Animator
        Planet Nutshell, Inc., Animation
        Blake Sugarman, Scale City Narrator
        Super Soul, Game Developer
        Brian Vincent, Interactive Programmer
        WebNet Consultants, Interactive Programmer
        Chris Williams, Animation Narrator

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