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        The Lowdown | Analyzing Functional Relationships: California’s Shrinking Reservoirs

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        Funder: Corporation for Public Broadcasting - CPB | 2017

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        The resources in this project are contributed by KQED in collaboration with WGBH Educational Foundation.  Math at the Core: Middle School is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

        ©2014 (KQED) All Rights Reserved.

        Project Management

        Matthew Green

        Robin Mencher

        Almetria Vaba

        Resource Production Team

        Explainer Music

        Joe Golling

        Josh Kurz

        Lewis Lehe

        Lincoln Smith


        Victor Powell

        Stephanie Vatz

        Andy Warner

        Business Management

        Joshua Maloney

        Activity Developers

        Burt Granofsky

        Marlene Kliman

        Ruta Puskorius

        Project Advisors

        Mark Driscoll

        Fred Gross

        Kentaro Iwasaki

        Erick Perez

        Erica Walker

        Video Closed Captioning

        Media Access Group

        Resource Credits

        Michael Belfrage

        Clayton Cameron

        Amy K. Glasmeier

        Dan Grover

        Ted Youth




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