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        Lift and Drag

        Media Credits:

        This interactive can be found as "Lift and Drag" on the NOVA website.


        NOVA: Crash of Flight 447

        Learn more here.

        Project Funded By:

        Funder: Corporation for Public Broadcasting - CPB | 2017 Funder: HHMI-grayscale Funder: PBS Funder Logo-grayscale Funder: Exxon Mobil-grayscale Funder: Pacific Life-grayscale Funder: David H. Koch-grayscale

        Project Credits:

        The Teachers' Domain NOVA Season 37 Collection is a collaboration of WGBH Educational Productions, WGBH Interactive, NOVA, and WGBH Media Library. Funding for this project is provided by ExxonMobil, Pacific Life, David H. Koch, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and PBS viewers.

        Production Credits

        Project Management

        Lauren Aguirre

        Denise Blumenthal

        Joe Brandt

        Karen Cariani

        Rachel Connelly

        Christine Dietlin

        Howard Lurie

        Peter Pinch

        Ted Sicker

        Christian Wise

        Resource Production Team

        Anna Brooks

        Julie Ecker

        Dan Hart

        Tyler Howe

        David Levin

        Barbara Moran

        Lisa Rosenthal

        Melissa Salpietra

        Business Management

        Maria Constantinides

        Polly Searles


        Sally Crissman, TERC

        Copy Editor

        Cindy Bond

        Special Thanks

        John A. Ochsendorf, MIT

        Rob Stengel, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University

        Brandon Suarez, MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

        Resource Credits



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