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        The Pursuit of Immortality

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        Adapted from the NOVA scienceNOW: "The Pursuit of Immortality" interactive. Third party materials courtesy of Getty Images, iStockphoto, Bob Goldstein/UNC Chapel Hill, and TED Talks: "Defeating Aging."


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        The NOVA Education: NOVA scienceNOW Season 5 Collection on PBS LearningMedia is contributed by the WGBH Educational Foundation. It is a collaborative production of WGBH Education, the WGBH Media Library, WGBH Interactive, and NOVA Education.

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        Maiken Lilley

        Emily Lu

        Mary McGillicuddy

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        Lifesaving Resources

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        TED Talks: "Defeating Aging"

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        White Sands Test Facility

        Wikimedia Commons

        Special thanks to AFTRA and AF of M for granting permission to use segments produced with participation of their members.

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