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        Mendez v. Westminster: Desegregating California's Schools

        Media Credits:

        ©2002 Sandra Robbie. To purchase the film "Mendez vs. Westminster: For All the Children/Para Todos los Niños" call (800) 950-9648.


        KOCE-TV Foundation

        Project Funded By:

        Funder: Open Society Foundations-grayscale

        Project Credits:

        The Teachers' Domain Civil Rights Collection is a collaborative production of WGBH Educational Productions, the WGBH Media Library, and WGBH Interactive, in partnership with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Washington University in St. Louis. Major funding for this project is provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Supported in part by a grant from the Open Society Institute.

        Production Credits

        Project Management

        Karen Cariani, Project Director

        Ted Sicker, Executive Producer

        Denise Blumenthal, Educational Productions Director

        Peter Pinch, Director of Technology

        Christian Wise, Lead Designer

        Content Production

        Susan Levene, Producer

        Kelly Lawman, Associate Producer

        Courtney Michael, Associate Producer

        Melanie MacFarlane, Content Producer/Editor

        Arthur Smith, Timeline Content Producer

        Julie Ecker, Rights Clearances

        Geoffrey Birmingham, Additional Editing

        Anna Fort, Timeline and Image Researcher

        Lance Douglas, Camera

        Web Production, Design, and Development

        Bob Donahue, Lead Developer

        Jon Alper, Director of Technology, Digital Encoding

        Lisa Rosenthal, Designer

        Mary Ellen Gardner, Post Production Coordinator

        Joe Brandt, Developer

        Jamie Biggar, Senior Developer

        Jason Kahn, Systems Manager

        Business Management

        Maria Constantinides, Business Manager

        Adriana Sacchi. Business Manager

        Project Marketing

        Deb Burns

        Eric Friedman

        Amy Kirsch

        Wendy Metz


        Dr. Leslie Brown, Washington University

        Dr. Horace Huntley, University of Alabama at Birmingham

        Dr. Vivian Johnson, Boston University

        Dr. Gerald Gill, Tufts University

        Dr. Steven Cohen, Tufts University

        Lesson Plans

        Linda Mizell

        Patricia Kelly


        Jill Farinelli

        Katy Allen

        Julie Wolf


        Judy Richardson


        Jordan Berson


        Lucia Carballo

        Max Felker-Kantor

        Project Evaluator


        Project Partners:

        Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

        Wayne Coleman, Head of Archives Division

        Laura Anderson, Assistant Archivist

        Dr. Horace Huntley, Historian

        Carol Wells, Chief Financial Officer

        Michael Holland, Organizer

        Washington University

        David Rowntree, Special Media Collections Archivist

        Gilles Bissonnette, Background Essays

        Alison Carrick, Archivist Assistant

        Special Thanks

        Tom Hanchett, Staff Historian, Levine Museum of the New South

        Dr. Erma Glasco Davis, National Dunbar Alumni Association of Little Rock, Arkansas

        Bennett Singer, Producer/Director of Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

        Sandra Robbie, Producer of Mendez vs. Westminster: For All the Children/Para Todos los Niños

        Avon Kirkland, Producer of Simple Justice

        Special thanks to AFTRA and AF of M for granting permission to use segments produced with participation of their members.

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