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        Liquid Assets | A Water System


        For more information, visit Liquid Assets.

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        Funder: Corporation for Public Broadcasting - High Res

        Project Credits:

        Production Credits


        Stephanie Ayanian

        Written and Directed By

        Stephanie Ayanian

        Mark Cooper

        Director of Photography

        Ryan Witt


        Greg Feinberg


        Aileen Querry

        Development Executives

        Melanie Doebler

        Elaine Brzycki

        Associate Producers

        Catie Siodmak

        Mindy McMahon

        Ryan Witt

        Lara Gallagher

        Assistant Editor

        Ryan Witt

        Sound Recordists

        Christopher Younken

        Christian Arnold

        Sound Engineer

        Donnie Rhoades

        Sound Mixers

        Kerry Trout

        Jen Bortz


        EwingCole DMG

        David Buchhofer, Director of Animation

        Adrien Knowles, Managing Director

        Michael Schuldt, Managing Principal,Director of Technology

        Franklin Bryant, Digital Artist

        Dmitry Kushnir, Digital Artist

        Robert Gettis, Digital Artist

        David Oakill, Digital Artist

        Eli Tuttle, Digital Artist

        Allison Holt Smith, Coordinator


        Steve Nelson

        Chris Murrell

        Greg Feinberg


        Steve Allbee

        Linda Blankenship

        John Griffin

        Mark Kemp-Rye

        Martin Melosi

        Karen Schuckman

        Sunil Sinha


        Joe Myers

        Josh Dasal

        Production Coordinators

        Kerry Trout

        Traci Watson

        Lindsey Faussette

        Hollie Lindquist

        Marketing Support

        Greg Petersen

        Jill Filby

        Thank You

        Buried Asset Management Institute-International

        Tom Iseley

        Grant Whittle

        Benjamin Media

        Bernie Krzys

        Jim Rush

        Pressure Pipe Inspection Company

        Brian Mergelas

        Penn State College of Engineering

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        Saint’s Café--Craig Avedesian

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        Knupp Family

        Garoian Family

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        Bullock Family

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        Elisabeth Workman

        Lynn Melander Moore

        Spencer Lewis

        Annie Doncsecz

        Susanna Ritti

        Melinda Meyers

        Belinda Tyson

        Diane Espy

        Clint Yoder

        Patrick Baxter

        Tom Wilson

        Additional Footage Provided by

        Abracadabra Video

        Archival Films by Getty Images

        Rocky Mountain Institute

        Vito Maggiolo, D.C. Fire/EMS

        Still photos provided by

        John Moyer, Nine Mile Run Watershed Association

        Natalie Burdick, Heal the Bay

        Branimir Kvartuc, Eppic Surf

        Brian Peterson, Star Tribune

        AP/Wide World Photos

        Robert Stolarik/The New York Times/Redux

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        Maps provided by



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        Executive Producer

        Tom Keiter

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