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        What Are Systems?

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        Produced by WGBH Educational Foundation through a grant provided by The Kendeda Fund: furthering the values that contribute to a healthy planet. Some media materials were originally contributed through other grants by WGBH and WNET.

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        Production Team:

        Ted Sicker

        Lisa Rosenthal

        Maria Constantinides

        Glenn Johnson

        Sue Tufts

        Core Advisor:

        Linda Booth Sweeney


        New Video Production:

        Paul Stern

        Amy Tonkonogy



        Sheri Marlin

        Steven Roderick

        Alan Ticotsky

        Beth Sawin

        Lees Stuntz

        Kirk Birgstrom

        Jeff Potash

        For additional systems education resources, see The Creative Learning Exchange ( and Systems Thinking in Schools: Waters Foundation (



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