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        What are Interactive Lessons?
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        What are Interactive Lessons?

        Interactive Lessons (IL) are online modules containing a wide range of lessons that students of all levels can work on independently and complete at their own pace. The concept behind these lessons is to make the process of learning more enjoyable by including features such as videos, animations, photographs, maps, charts, graphs, drawings, interactive slide shows, simulations, and games. Students can interact with the lesson and submit their answers and conclusions to the teacher without going to another site. 

        Interactive Lesson Features

        Interactive Lessons contain a wide variety of features with which students can interact to enhance their experience and make learning more exciting. The following is a quick snapshot of available features:

        • Notes - a space where you can practice note-taking while responding to writing prompts  
        • Arrange It - a graphic organizer that helps you understand relationships between and/or among core concepts
        • Chart It - a graphic organizer that helps you organize and sort information 
        • Highlight It - a virtual highlighter that helps to identify words or passages in response to a prompt when doing a close reading 
        • Infograph It - create free-form visual presentations using images, text, and shapes, or upload or provide a link to a graphic presentation you've made or scanned  
        • Match It - a “fill-in-the-blanks” tool that helps you practice vocabulary 
        • Organize It - an outlining tool that you can use to prepare a final essay 
        • Review It - a multiple choice quiz that helps you check their knowledge and understanding of a lesson
        • Visualize It - a drawing and labeling tool that helps you recall information 
        • Write It - a tool to help complete a final writing assignment, upload a file, or provide a link to an online document 

        How to navigate an Interactive Lesson

        • - From, click the name of the Interactive Lesson plan (Figure 1). Interactive Lesson Plans are designated by an interactive icon displayed in the lower left corner.

        Figure 1

        • - The same Interactive icon is present on the left side of the screen (Figure 2.1).
        • - In the center of the main ILP graphic, click Launch (Figure 2.2).

        Figure 2

        The Interactive Lesson opens in a new browser window. Typically, the first slide contains an overview and describes objectives of the lesson.

        • - Navigate each lesson by clicking the right facing arrow in the upper right corner of the page (Figure 3.1) or jump to a specific page by clicking Menu in the upper left (Figure 3.2).

        Figure 3

        • - Throughout the lesson you will encounter activities that involve submitting answers. After completing the activity click Save (Figure 4).

        Figure 4

        How to save your work

        All work completed in an Interactive Lesson is stored in a “digital notebook” called MY WORK which is accessible in the top navigation menu. As you make your way through an Interactive Lesson you will encounter activities along the way that require or encourage feedback. When each activity is saved, the content is automatically stored in the MY WORK section and is retrievable at any time


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