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        What is the PBS Students app?

        The PBS Students app is the companion app to PBS LearningMedia, designed specifically for K-12 students. Students can use the app to access thousands of resources covering all subjects from math and science to English and social studies, including favorites from Ken Burns, Jim Henson Company, NOVA, National Archives, NASA, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Curious George, Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train and more. Students can also create and share illustrative interactive storyboards, combining media, text, and graphics in colorful and personal expressions that demonstrate what they have learned or document what they discover.


        With a PBS LearningMedia student account, students can move easily from web site to app, storing favorite content and creating storyboards on both. Through the PBS Students app, teachers can encourage their students to perform independent research to supplement classroom instruction and document what they learned in storyboards. The app is a safe space where students can explore freely without encountering inappropriate content.

        PBS Students and PBS LearningMedia

        PBS Students is brought to you by PBS LearningMedia, the PBS formal education destination designed to empower educators and students by offering free resources to drive learning and achievement. PBS adds thousands of new, innovative resources every month related to the topics learned in class and current events that can help support your learning. PBS also works with local PBS stations to deliver local resources specifically related to your state, community and more.


        The PBS Students App may only be viewed from within the United States. This is due to restrictions on PBS’s license to offer this service.

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