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        - What are Self-Paced Lessons?
        - How to search for Self-Paced Lessons?
        - How can students submit their work?

        What are Self-Paced Lessons?

        Self-paced lessons, or blended lessons, are online modules containing lessons that students can work on independently with the ability to submit answers and conclusions to their teacher.  Teachers can use self-paced lessons as part of their own professional development (Learn more about Professional Development). 

        This section demonstrates how to search for self-paced lessons on and the steps students must perform to complete and submit self-paced lessons. 

        How to search for Self-Paced Lessons

        After you have logged on to the PBS LearningMedia website, follow the steps below to search for self-paced lessons:

        • - Type keyword(s) into the search textbox located at the top of each page (Figure 1).

        Figure 1

        • - When results surface, click the checkbox to the left of Self-Paced Lesson in the left navigation menu (Figure 2).

        Figure 2

        How can students submit their work?

        The work that students complete can be accessed in several ways.

        • - The student can print out their work and submit it to their teacher.
        • - Teachers can log on to a lesson using the students' account credentials and view the students' saved work online.
        • - Students can save their work, review their work and then send the teacher the unique lesson URL.


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