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        A Race to Watch: Campaign 2012, The Role of Technology and the Internet

        This lesson from PBS NewsHour will focus on the use of technology in the political and campaign process and examine how this new medium might impact the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. Students will: 1. Form opinions about topics related to the role of the Internet as a political campaign tool and support these opinions using reasons, facts, and examples in class discussion activities. 2. Work in small groups to brainstorm reasons why they agree or disagree with a statement related to the role of technology as an election tool. 3. Draw conclusions from the content of a news article and use this information and the conclusions they have drawn as part of a class discussion activity. 4. Utilize content from an Internet Web site and determine the effectiveness of a specific presidential candidate's use of technology as a campaign tool by recording specific data and opinions on a worksheet. 5. Collect examples of non-traditional campaigning and the impact of technology on the presidential race and share these with the class by discussing the items and posting them on a classroom bulletin board.


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