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        Pulse Jet Engineering and Science | Nazi Mega Weapons: V1 Hitler's Vengeance Missile

        Learn how the pulse jet engine was pioneered and influenced the V1 development. During the early war years, Fritz Gosslau worked with other scientists to turn the pulse jet into a functioning engine by revolutionizing the fuel delivery and air intake systems. He makes the engine work but with a large draw back: it self destructs after a few hours of use. Gosslau believes this will make it perfect for an unmanned flying bomb. He teams up with aircraft designer Robert Lusser. When the Allies bomb Lubeck, Hitler demands revenge. The Luftwaffe are short of planes but Lusser and Gosslau's unmanned bomb but just be the answer and it moves into full development at a top secret testing centre called Pennemunde. The Nazi's have to pioneer every aspect of the new V1. The biggest challenge it to get it airbourne without a pilot. A system of ramps are designed and their remains can still be found today.


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