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        Positive Psychology: Writing and Health

        Leading experts in the field of positive psychology contributed to this video about the practices and components of an arm of psychology that begins from the perspective of an individual’s strengths, not their deficits.  Teachers can use all clips with students or as professional development in learning about the topic and students.  Classroom activities are included for many of the clips. Martin Seligman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, George Vaillant.

        George Vaillant starts this resource by saying that cholesterol at age 50 had no bearing on good health later on, but a strong marriage at age 50 made a positive difference on both physical and mental health at age 80 even when you control for all other variables. This certainly makes a good case for marrying well!  Laura King also talks about how writing helps parents of seriously ill children and can be preventive for people suffering illness. The type of writing matters though…writing about best possible futures results in well-being.

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