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        In Her Own Voice - Doña Teresa Aguilera y Roche and Intrigue in the Palace of the Governors

        Learn the fascinating story of Doña Teresa Aguilera y Roche, the wife of Santa Fe's colonial governor Don Bernardo López de Mendizábal and the only woman in New Mexico arrested by the Inquisition on the account of secretly being Jewish. While imprisoned in Mexico City she asks for a pen and paper and writes her defense laying bare what life was like in the Palace of the Governors at that time. What lead to her arrest? What happened to her? Her story is one that provides a rare view into the intrigue and social history of early Spanish colonial society in New Mexico. New Mexico History Museum Director Dr. Frances Levine and Colonial historian Gerald Gonzales share insights into this dramatic story. Featured is colonial Hispanic music performed by The Santa Fe Desert Choral and celebrated Flamenco dancer Maria Benitez brings Doña T to life.


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