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        Video Summary | Teaching Multicultural Literature Workshop 7: Social Justice and Action

        This list includes materials and suggested readings, links to national standards, and a summary of the one-hour video for Workshop 7. In the video teacher Laura Alvarez reads aloud from the novel My Name is Maria Isabel the students brainstorm the various issues or problems immigrants face. After they have created a list of issues, Alvarez asks the students to think of possible sources for information about them. Students create a graphic organizer to classify the issues they've identified into the categories of safety, education, work, health, rights, and other. Alvarez comments that this step will help them craft thesis statements later in the unit. Each group of students chooses an issue to research. Choosing two or three of their best arguments from the debate to develop into paragraphs, the students craft their letters. They write a rough draft, check it against a list of features letters should include, and conference with Alvarez before producing a final draft for mailing.


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