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        Sports for Social Change | Global Oneness Project

        Students watch a short film, A Game for Life by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, about an innovative soccer program in the poor neighborhood of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, that helps to educate local youth about HIV/AIDS prevention.

        In this lesson, students explore how participation in team sports can help empower youth in other areas of their lives. Students identify principles of how young people learn and discuss the ties between sports, civic engagement, and HIV/AIDS prevention. Reflective writing prompts are also included for students to demonstrate their understanding of the story.

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        Lesson Summary

        In this lesson, students watch a film about a soccer player in South Africa and discuss the power of sports, social change, and youth empowerment.


        Prep for Teachers

        Access the film: A Game for Life

        Access the full Lesson Plan document: Sports for Social Change

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