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        The Lowdown | Police, Race and Unrest in America’s Cities Lesson Plan

        While the Summer of Love swept through San Francisco 50 years ago this summer, scores of inner-city neighborhoods across the country burned with rage. In the summer of 1967, more than 100 poor, largely black communities were rocked by violent incidents, erupting primarily in East Coast and Midwestern cities. In the immediate wake of the riots, President Johnson established a bipartisan task force: the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, known as the Kerner Commission. The 426-page report, published in March 1968, sold over two million copies. Decades later, after the Michael Brown shooting in 2014 and the unrest that followed, a new commission was formed to study a similar issue. Chaired by Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush, the group was tasked with identifying the underlying causes of the unrest. Its final report, while much smaller in scope, bears some resemblance to the Kerner findings. In light of the current national debate about police violence in communities of color, students will evaluate the findings of the 1967 and 2014 commissions.

        The Lowdown | Police, Race and Unrest in America’s Cities Lesson Plan


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