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        ¡Arte y más! Lesson 41

        Together we sing the “Hola” song, and then Sra. Alicia and Susana greet each other and introduce the song “Líneas.” (“Lines.”) Sra. Alicia invites students to join Susana as she echoes the song. Sra. Alicia then asks the students, Veo, veo, ¿qué veo? (“I see, I see, what do I see?”) She asks them to count lines with her to answer her question. Sra. Alicia draws una flor, (a flower), out of twelve lines, and one more line appears to introduce the number thirteen (trece). She then repeats the question Veo, veo, ¿qué veo? one more time, to give students the opportunity to answer, una flor or la flor. Students are shown two different crafts, a mola from Panamá and a bag from Ecuador, and together we examine the different lines on each. Finally we join Sra. Alicia outside as she reviews the different kinds of lines using sidewalk chalk. The lesson closes with the “Adios” song.

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