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        Checklist: Verifiably Very Old Objects | History Detectives

        Use this History Detectives checklist for hunting and purchasing old objects, including ethical issues. Excerpt: Antiquities and artifacts are one-of-a-kind treasures. It's very exciting to discover and investigate these objects, but you should take the time to observe ethical guidelines and consider long-term scientific consequences. Before you go in pursuit of fossils or buy an ancient artifact, be sure you understand the following points. Then, dig in! Collecting - Report evidence of site vandalism, looting, or suspicious activity to authorities (e.g., NPS ranger, State Historic Preservation Office, State Archeologist, or a regional natural history museum). - Do not purchase illegal artifacts. Trade in artifacts encourages looting by professional diggers. If buying objects, demand a provenance. - Observe a professional standard of ethics. Discuss your finds with experts in a position to recognize exceptional or valuable specimens.

        This resource can be found on the Lion TV website.


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