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        Introducing Roque: Film Module | The Homestretch

        This film module adapted from The Homestretch, as seen on PBS's Independent Lens, is a character portrait of Roque, who was brought to the United States from Mexico by his parents at the age of five. Due to immigration complications, he was forced to separate from his family and fend for himself, on and off, beginning in his sophomore year of high school. And because of an unstable housing situation, Roque spent several years bouncing around, which took a toll on his grades. After one of his teachers introduced him to Shakespeare and acting, he became inspired to finish high school and apply to college; he has lived with this particular teacher, Maria Rivera, as part of her family, and with her support he has enrolled in college. Roque hopes to study theater and psychology and help others through some of the same challenges he has faced.

        Roque's story illustrates that youths who experience homelessness and lack lawful immigration status endure particular challenges, including enrolling in college and securing financial aid. Students will explore the ways in which peers, teachers, and institutions can support youths struggling with their immigration status and homelessness.

        For more information about The Homestretch, visit the Independent Lens website.


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