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        ¡Arte y más! Lesson 38

        Together we sing the “Hola” song, and then Sra. Alicia and Susana greet each other. Susana shows Sra. Alicia her varita mágica (magic wand). They then ask students to join them in singing the “Las visitas” in different ways: suave (soft), fuerte (loud), lenta (slow), and rápida (quick). Sra. Alicia reviews the words and motions to the “Mi cuerpo” song, reviewing the sounds that each body part makes. Sra. Alicia adds to the song by naming some of the instruments learned in previous lessons. Students participate by doing the hand motions and sounds for each instrument mentioned. Together with Sr. Enrique we sing “Mi cuerpo,” adding the new verses and movements. At the end of the lesson Sra. Alicia invites the students to slowly count to twelve with the help of flutes. The lesson closes with the “Adios” song.

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