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        Remember Pearl Harbor: A 75th Anniversary Electronic Field Trip

        In the WYES and The National WWII Museum Electronic Field Trip (EFT) geared to grades 5-8, REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR—HOW STUDENTS LIKE YOU EXPERIENCED THE DAY OF INFAMY, student reporters hear first hand from eyewitnesses who were 11-20 years of age during the time of the surprise attacks. Also sharing their stories are military survivors who were at Pearl Harbor during the attacks. These recollections will bring the experience to life and serve as an excellent primary source in teaching students.

        Students Julia Bresnan from Hawaii and Eliana de Las Casas (2016 winner of “Chopped Teen” on the Food Network) report from The National WWII Museum in New Orleans as well as on location in Hawaii.

        A free downloadable classroom guide and other materials found HERE. EFT is approximately 50 minutes in length. 

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