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        Deconstructing Consumerism | Global Oneness Project

        Increased global consumerism has vast environmental, economic, and social repercussions. Thought leaders across the globe investigate the unsustainable cultural values at the root of modern consumption.

        Students watch a 25-minute film, What Would It Look Like? by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, about the environmental, economic, and social impacts of global consumerism. 

        In this lesson, students discuss what motivates their own consumer choices as well as the effects of consumerism on the global economy. Reflective writing prompts are also included for students to demonstrate their understanding of the story.

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        Lesson Summary

        In this lesson, students watch a film about the environmental, economic, and social impacts of global consumerism and examine the effects on the global economy.

        Prep for Teachers

        Access the film: What Would it Look Like?

        Access the full Lesson Plan document: Deconstructing Consumerism

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