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        Civil Rights Today (full episode)

        Throughout 2015, events across the nation focused attention on concerns in minority communities and racial perceptions in America, resulting in renewed public dialogue about race relations and other issues of social justice. This ongoing dialogue includes not only questions about the policing of black communities, but also educational inequality and the school-to-prison pipeline, the LGBTQ rights movement, immigration reform, and the rebuilding of our communities.  Join us for a special youth town hall discussion about race, racism and other issues of equality in the United States in 2016. Answering these important student questions about activism, education, and building a diverse community are a panel of experts including Robert Henderson from POV's documentary All the Difference.

        This final episode of Project C encourages students to think critically about current issues of equality, to examine, confront and strive to overcome contemporary injustices in their lives and communities. This live interactive webcast is an innovative platform for the presentation of their solutions to these civics-based issues.

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