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        Tiffany Lockett, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

        Tiffany Lockett is a Lead System Engineer for the Solar Sail for NEA Scout. Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) Scout mission is a reconnaissance mission in which a small spacecraft will be launched with the Orion capsule and sent to an asteroid. Tiffany coordinates all the technical and project elements of the Solar Sail. A unique capability of the Solar Sail is that it uses sunlight as a propellant which allows it to go from low earth orbit all the way to an asteroid. Once there, the mission will be to study the asteroid and asteroid retrieval, detection, and avoidance. Tiffany’s passions and education led her to degrees in Physics and Aerospace Engineering. She then went on to work at NASA Goddard which has a concentration in earth and planetary science. Now she is based at NASA Marshall where they specialize in rockets. In STEM related fields, you can do almost anything. Research and find out what your interests really are and follow that path.

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