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        The Inauguration of President George Washington (1732-99) 30 April, 1789 at the Old City Hall, New York, NY, published 1876 (colour litho) by Currier, N. (1813-88) and Ives, J.M. (1824-95)

        Currier, N. (1813-88) and Ives, J.M. (1824-95), American. 1876. the first president of the USA (1789-97) and Commander and Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War (1775-83); led the Constitutional Convention to draft the US constitution in 1789; Father of his Country'; fought for the British during the Seven Years War (1756-63); L to R, Alexander Hamilton (1775-1804), Chancellor Robert R. Livingston (1746-1813) Roger Sherman (1721-93), Samuel Allyne Otis (1740-1814) Secretary of State, Washington, John Adams (1735-1826), Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben (1730-94), and General Henry Knox (1750-1806); taking the Oath of Office. Provenance: Private Collection.


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