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        The Bismark Enters the War | Nazi Mega Weapons: Hitler's Megaships

        Learn about Bismarcks maiden voyage and her fate. In the fall of 1940 Bismarck sets sail for trials and by the spring of 1941 is ready to enter the Battle of the Atlantic. But Hitler is unsure about sending his most prestigious weapon into battle, he is beginning to be swayed by the power of U-Boats. Raeder has other plans. He believes a decisive strike by Bismarck could change the face of the war and bring Hitler back to the side of the battle ship. He sends Bismarck on her maiden operation on May 18th 1941. She quickly engages with the British who have been shadowing her, and sink their prize ship: the Hood. All the British fleet now chase Bismarck down. Biplanes from the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal torpedo her rudders and Bismarck becomes stranded in the ocean. The British surround her and after 2 hours of continuous bombardment she sinks with the loss of nearly 2,000 sailors.


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