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        A Tapestry of Multicultural Diversity | Global Oneness Project

        With a long history of immigration, New York City contains one of the most culturally diverse populations in the world, representing a wide variety of religious and faith communities.

        Students view a photo essay, "Belief," by Caleb Ferguson, which explores photos of New Yorkers celebrating various cultural festivities. 

        In this lesson, students discuss multiculturalism and the ways in which they celebrate diversity. Students view the photo essay in pairs or small groups and are given reflective writing prompts for students to demonstrate their understanding of the story.

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        Lesson Summary

        In this lesson, students explore photos of New Yorkers celebrating cultural festivities and examine the topics of diversity and multiculturalism.


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        Access the photo essay: Belief

        Access the full Lesson Plan document: A Tapestry of Multicultural Diversity

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