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        Rounding up the Rhymes | English Language Arts Strategies for Students with Cognitive Disabilities

        In this self-contained upper elementary classroom, the teacher selects a familiar text that the class has already read for meaning. The class then reads the text to identify pairs of rhyming words within the story. The teacher marked pages of the book that had rhyming words prior to reading and reminds students to pay careful attention to the pages she has marked. As the teacher reads, the students identify the rhyming pairs and the teacher writes them on the board. After finishing the book, the teacher guides the students in identifying the rhyming pairs that have the same spelling pattern. Together they cross out pairs that sound the same but do not look the same. The students are then given new words that share a spelling pattern with one of the rhyming pairs. They must first identify the rhyming pair that matches the new word and then use the rhyming pair to help them read the new word. The video demonstrates effective strategies for engaging students with significant cognitive disabilities in literacy instruction.



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