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        ¡Arte y más! Lesson 51

        After the “Hola” song, Sra. Alicia and Susan greet each other and review Frida Kahlo’s still life Viva la vida and the poem “Sandías.” We once again participate in the color movement activity, with Sra. Alicia inviting students to sing the color song with the corresponding movements. Sra. Alicia then shows another example of still life, Columbian artist Fernando Botero’s Naturaleza muerta con sopa verde (Still Life with Green Coup). She invites the students to help describe what they see in the painting. Finally, Sra. Alicia introduces the number diecisiete (seventeen) and invites students to count diecisiete gatos, (seventeen cats), then reminds them of the painting El niño del gato by Fernando Castillo. The lesson closes with the “Adios” song.

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