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        Since 9/11, What Do Your Students Know about How the U.S. Has Changed? | PBS NewsHour

        Today’s Daily News Story comes from the PBS NewsHour article 9/11 to Now: Ways We Have Changed. You may wish to assign different sections of the article to different groups of students and have the groups report back as a class.

        Many changes have occurred in U.S. domestic and foreign policy since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, which occurred 16 years ago today. Air travel regulations tightened when Congress federalized airport security with the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, creating the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Before 9/11, security had been handled by airports, which outsourced the work to private security companies. More than 260 government agencies were created or reorganized after 9/11. The Patriot Act and 48 bills were signed into law, many of them related to counterterorrism work. The U.S. entered the longest war in our country’s history in Afghanistan after the attacks on 9/11, which continues to this day. The terrorist organization, al-Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden planned the attacks from Afghanistan with the support of that country’s totalitarian regime. Anti-Islam hate crimes in the U.S. spiked after the attacks, and many Muslims were subject to verbal harassment and increased airport security checks.

        September 11, 2017 video and resource materials from PBS NewsHour.

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