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        Part 2: Slave Labor | Meeting Max: A Holocaust Survivor's Story

        Luke, a high school student, has been working with Alabama Public Television to film and interview Max Steinmetz, a Holocaust survivor. Max's parents and sister were killed at Auschwitz, but he and his brother were spared and sent to Dachau, the oldest concentration camp. Why were they spared? Luke hears Max's tale of being used as a slave laborer for Nazi Germany. Although they worked every day, they were not fed enough and were threatened with hanging on the gallows for any minor offense while they struggled with starvation. Max even had to face the Camp Commandant when he was caught stealing food. Luke realizes that the Jews were not only being exterminated, but were also used as slave labor for the Third Reich, and that life as a slave was a day-to-day fight to survive.

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