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        The Allied Fight Against the Tirpitz | Nazi Mega Weapons: Hitler's Megaships

        Learn about the Allies latest weapon and how they use it against the Tirpitz. In September 1944, Churchill orders the largest ever attack on the Tirpitz. He sends two squadrons of Lancaster bombers fitted out with Tallboy bombs. This revolutionary bomb was designed by the British to get through tough targets like concrete bunkers or ships decks. Once dropped the 12,000 pound bomb would reach near supersonic speeds and absolutely devastate anything they hit. The first raid has a direct hit and the bomb goes clean through the ship, however her incredible design means that she still doesn't sink. The Nazi's tow her south to be come a stationary battery to protect the port of Tromso. They build a sand bank underneath her to ensure the vessel will stay afloat, but when another enormous raid comes from the British, the shockwaves of bombs landing on or around the vessel causes her to lurch to one side and then capsize. 1,700 men are onboard.


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