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        Constitutional Convention | Making Civics Real: Workshop 4

        In this one hour video, Matt Johnson teaches an Advanced Placement (AP) Comparative Government class to seniors at Benjamin Banneker Senior High School in Washington, D.C. This program shows the class participating in a simulation in which students create a constitution for the hypothetical country of Permistan. To do so, the students need to review all the materials they have studied over the course of the semester, pull together their ideas, and analyze what works and what doesn't as they attempt to craft an ideal government. They have a wide range of constitutions to look at and procedures to examine. Johnson expects that they will draw from all five countries they have studied, as well as the United States, in putting together a new constitution. Students work in cooperative learning groups to discuss and debate issues relating to the executive and legislative branches of Permistan and then come together as a whole class to participate in a constitutional convention. Simulation is the primary methodology highlighted in this lesson.


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