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        The Role of Women on the Farm in the Early 20th Century

        Learn how the line “a woman’s work is never done” certainly held true for farm women during the Great Depression and early twentieth century in this video from Iowa Public Television.  While men generally handled a majority of the fieldwork, women traditionally kept the household going. Women raised the chickens and grew the gardens. They canned produce, baked bread, did the laundry and cared for the family and home.  

        This segment from Iowa Public Television's documentary "The People in the Pictures: Stories from the Wettach Farm Photos" features original photography, filmed recreations, and first-person accounts of farm life in rural America during the Great Depression and early twentieth century.

        Check out the entire Rural Midwest Farm Life During the Great Depression and Early 20th Century Collection.

        Contributor: Iowa Public Television
        Funder: Support Provided by the Iowa Communications Network
        Producer: Iowa Public Television

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