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        Word Study | English Language Arts Strategies for Students with Cognitive Disabilities

        In this self-contained elementary classroom, the teacher is introducing a new high frequency word to her students to add to the classroom word wall. The teacher provides a visual (large word card) to introduce the word. She says the word and has students repeat the word. The teacher then shows the students the word wall word card. The teacher asks which letter it should go under and places it on the word wall. The teacher then engages the students in a variety of chants and opportunities to say, spell, and say the word multiple times. The teacher also shared with the students the importance of learning the new word and how she had noticed it in their guided reading books multiple times. She also talked about other words that can be associated with that word and pointed them out on the word wall. The teacher provided the word in the context of a sentence and stated they would have the opportunity to use this word at a later time. This same process was used for all of the words you see on the wall. The video demonstrates effective strategies for engaging students with significant cognitive disabilities in literacy instruction.



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