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        Chinese National Anthem

        This is a recording of the Chinese national anthem, "Yiyongjun Jinxingqu" (The March of the Volunteers), along with a description of the Chinese flag. "Yiyongjun Jinxingqu" was composed by Tian Han (lyrics) and Nie Er (music).  This anthem was adopted in 1949, though it was banned during the Cultural Revolution. It is more commonly known as "Zhongguo Guoge" (Chinese National Song).

        The Chinese flag is red with a large yellow five-pointed star and four smaller yellow five-pointed stars (arranged in a vertical arc toward the middle of the flag) in the upper hoist-side corner; the color red represents revolution, while the stars symbolize the four social classes - the working class, the peasantry, the urban petty bourgeoisie, and the national bourgeoisie (capitalists) - united under the Communist Party of China

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